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900人的公司团队, 有许多未上市房源资讯。


10年房地产经验丰富的经纪人AGENT 解答你关于买房卖房的任何问题。

深度了解您的需要, 一手掌握房况。

先买后卖,省去租房成本, 多重保障。



一. 市场调查:仔细调研, 了解市场需要, 才能有符合市场的价格。 二. 价值提升:如果房子太旧, 可调整的预算要放在厨房和卫浴。 三、卖屋前移除一切杂乱物品,创造空间:四个大项着手﹕厨房、衣服间、家具、储藏室。  四、免费检修房屋, 罗列维修清单 :买主总想买到保养好的房子,如果他们看到的东西保养得好,他们会认为看不到的部份应该也保养的不错。小兵立大功,让您的房子卖的更快、更高价。 五:预售屋布置:总能一下子提升价值, 更快的卖出房子


5-6% 租期*租金


租屋上市, 租客篩選, 所有租客信用檢查, 租客背景調查, 租客工作確認, 租客租屋歷史和交費狀況, 前房東及雇主 REFERENCE。大麻屋禁絕檢查。附近鄰居埋下暗樁, 園丁通風報信。

深度了解租客, 才敢租出您寶貴的資產。


從世界各地湧入美國的新移民,大半都被南加州的陽光和美麗海岸所吸引,而選擇在洛杉磯附近大大小小的城市置產 。投資房產的客戶來自中國大陸,台灣, 香港甚至是美國的其他城市。

加州理想家能搞定所有您的需要, 一條龍服務, 細節完美銜接。

買下房子,房產管理也交給我們。而房產出租管理,根據美國和加州的文化和法律,需要有很多的專業知識和經驗。​ 一個專業的出租管理公司,首先篩選, 了解以及核實租客的背景,租客的信用確認,定期照看房屋, 擬定客制化合約以及後期大大小小的房屋維修,都在我們手上。最自豪的是, 加州理想家經手的租客搬出遷入的完美銜接常常短於一周甚至隔天無縫銜接,憑藉著最快的找到新的租客從而最大化您的投資回報率。

房地產的稅務也包含在諮詢服務裡。不用另外找會計師稅務師, 惱人的細節都為您考慮, 你還等什麼?

Many new immigrants who have poured into the United States from all over the world are attracted by the sunshine and beautiful coast of Southern California and decided to locate here. Clients who invest in real estate come from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and even other cities in the United States. When the owner is not in the local area, real estate management becomes a big problem. Real estate rental management sounds simple, but according to the culture and laws of the United States and California, it requires a lot of professional knowledge and experience. ​ A professional rental management company firstly screens, understands and verifies the background of the tenants, confirms the tenant's credit, takes care of the house regularly, drafts customized contracts and repairs large and small houses in the future, all in our hands.

The most proud of is that the perfect connection of tenants moving in and out of California DreamHouse is often shorter than a week or was even completed the next day. It can maximize your return on investment by finding new tenants the fastest.

When comes to investing in a house, everyone wants to get good value-added and returns. No one wants to buy a house with worrisome and anxiety, keeps getting a call from tenants at midnight. No one wants to buy a house with sleepy driving to deal with water leaks and emergencies.

California DreamHouse has reasonable costs and even lower costs, Eight Team-workers take turns to serve you, day and night. We believe that our rich experience in real estate maintenance and attention to details can provide you with the most worry-free and assured best service. 

Want to learn more? Contact me today for an initial consultation.

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